Shipping & Delivery

When will you deliver the orders?

All deliveries will be scheduled according to our daily delivery schedule for the respective districts, however, specific arrangements can be made. Kindly provide the Full address, Building name, Delivery time, Contact Person’s contact number, Specific instructions for restricted access areas, etc.  Time of delivery will be within our daily operating hours. Arrangements beyond our operating hours will be subject to charges.

What if I want to collect them on my own?

Arrangements can be made for collection at our retail outlet at The Platinum, or our showroom, at Gordon Industrial Building. Kindly refer to our “Contact Us” Page for the full address. Please allow 2 days advance notice for arrangements to be made. For collection of orders, GST will be absorbed and inclusive.


Product Orders

Can I make reservations and collect them later?

All order reservations must be accompanied with the full payment within reasonable time. All unpaid orders will be released for sale without advance notice. For details of payment mode and delivery terms, please refer to Terms and Conditions.

How can I make settlements for payments?

We accept cash, corporate cheques, bank and telegraphic transfer. Please refer to Terms and Conditions for the details on modes of payment.

Do you customise party & gift packages?

We provide special arrangements for theme parties with customised gift packs to match the theme of the party. Eg. Party Sets, Lantern Sets and much more. Please contact us for more details. Terms and Conditions apply.
Balloon Orders

How do I order balloons?

We provide delivery for balloons inflated either on site, or off site, depending on delivery location and environmental conditions. All inflated balloons will be delivered with 1 meter balloon ribbons attached. Special requests may be arrange but subject to availability for the length and colour of the ribbons.
Alternatively, you may rent our Cylinders for a period of 5 days exclusive of the balloons and the balloon ribbons for a rental fee.

How will I inflate the balloons? And how many balloons can I inflate?

A tilt valve will be provided with the rented cylinders. Our staff will guide you through the initial installation and inflation. Amount of balloons inflated will depend on the size of balloons, the weather condition and the handling during inflation.

How many balloons can I fit into a car for self collection?

For a saloon car, the empty back seats can fit about 20-23 latex balloons. Do contact us for further details.

Is helium really necessary?

Inflate your balloons with helium and see them “come to life”.

How long can the helium balloons last?

Latex helium balloons can last between 8-10 hours indoors. Foil balloons can last between 1-3 days. Balloon float time depends on the weather condition and may vary accordingly. Avoid placing balloons near heat source, direct sunlight, or extremely cold areas. Please read terms and conditions on balloon float time.

Delivery of balloons?

Delivery will be made about 1-2 hours before events. Balloons may be inflated on site or within our premises and delivered, depending on the weather condition and delivery site.

Do you provide manpower for the inflation of balloons on site if we rent the cylinders?

We do provide manpower to inflate the balloons before and during events and functions. Charges apply for each man hour required for our employees to be present on site. Do contact us for quotations.

Do you provide printing of logos for balloons?
We do provide printing of balloons. Do contact us for further details. Please read terms and conditions for printing services.